Glòria Fernández


My name is Glòria. I'm 33 years-old and I've developed my career as a screenwriter and editor in Gestmusic, El Terrat, Cinematk, SCPF Advertising Agency,...

I'm doing Social Media Strategy and Communications Assistant tasks for '141 dies' advertising campaign in BaudPro.

I studied a B.A. in Audiovisual Communication in Blanquerna (URL).

I'm a very hard-working and enthusiastic girl and I love everything related to Communication and social networks. I consider myself a versatile person who likes to provide creative solutions on the projects I'm working on. Every project is a chance to learn and I think it's time for getting more knowledge from new projects and new people. This is I'm looking for, as well.

Well, you may say "everybody talks about the same good points about themselves". Right! But have you ever met a lovely girl in pink glasses and a cute moustache who has everything that you need? It's me! :D

Check out my profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn to know something more about me. You can enjoy with my creative résumé, too :)

And if you want to know what a girl in pink glasses and a cute moustache writes, my blog is 'Madejas al Fresco'

Let's talk about worthwhile projects and working together!

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