at-home healthcare provider in the United States

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Leith (pronounced "layth") | 24 | they/them

queer, nonbinary, trans, genderqueer, nontrinary, bi, aro-spec, probably ace-spec, little to no interest in men. not transmasc, transfemme, androgynous, genderless, or related in any way to the gender binary (or trinary)

disabled; chronic illness, pain, & fatigue | EDS, PTSD, GAD, social phobia, panic disorder, bipolar, chronic depression, DSPD, chronic migraines, several other disorders, and still being tested for more

manages to work a very small part-time job helping disabled dad

interests include: art, video games, cartoons, Zelda, Madoka Magica, Steven Universe, Overwatch, She-Ra, horror, gems, most insects, singing, baking

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