I.O. Kirkwood

Charm City, USA

In between bouts of banging her head, blogging, and twittering, she's also the author of "Subatomic Revolt," volume 2 in Mike Lynch's No Revolution Is Too Big series.


Mike Lynch's NO REVOLUTION IS TOO BIG - The Series!

Published by Helping Hands Press.


Volume 7: Neatly Arranged by Gretchen E.K. Engel on Amazon

Volume 6: Finspace by Andy McKell on Amazon

Volume 5: Necessary Evil by T.J. Akers on Amazon

Volume 4: No Revolution Too Small by Travis Perry on Amazon

Volume 3: The Eye of Time by Carole Bell on Amazon

Volume 2: Subatomic Revolt by I.O. Kirkwood on Amazon

Volume 1: No Revolution Is Too Big by Mike Lynch on Amazon


  • Work
    • Author and Blogger
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Art in Anthropology