Giovanni Luca Murabito

Catania, Sicily, Italy

I'm a graduate of the University of Catania in Computer Science with a thesis entitled "Evolutionary Strategies for Disk Packing Problem" realized with Prof. Giuseppe Nicosia (University of Catania, IT), Prof. Mario Pavone (University of Catania, IT), Dr. Luca Zammataro (University of Milan, IT) and Dr. Giuseppe Narzisi (University of New York, USA).

In 2010 I've attended at a "Webmaster" course organized by European Union, I've also taught at "Accademy of Arts" placed in Catania with Prof. Giovanni Gallo, in his course of "Fundamentals of Computer Science and of Visual Arts". In 2005 I've attended at courses of "Music Computer Science" and guitar organized by Municipality of Catania.

In 2012 I've worked as a Free Lancer Web Designer and Developer for University of Cambridge, University of Catania and TaoSciences Research Center and also as researcher about Electronic Design Automation - EDA/CAD and Computational Biology. I've attended at PPSN 2012 (Parallel Problem Solving from Nature) Conference in Taormina, Italy.

Today I'm working at Piksel, in Milan as Web Developer for AT&T U-verse project.
I've worked as iOs developer for "Area clienti 3" - H3G Mobile App, and also worked as Java Developer for H3G, ADN-Kronos, Belgacom and "ANICA on Demand" projects.

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