Danny Pena

Founder of Gamertag Radio. Podcasting about Hip Hop and video games since 2001.

• The 1 Millionth Download of the Gamertagradio Podcast
• Microsoft MVP award 3 Consecutive Years 2005 - 2008
• Electronic Art’s Sponsorship of GTR for E3 2007
• 2K Games Sponsorship for Community Vibes 5 & Mafia II Launch Party 2010
• Featured on MTV True Life, In The Qube, The Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Official Xbox Magazine UK, Gamespot, 1up, Penny Arcade Expo Panel, IGN, Joystiq, and other media outlets.
• Nominated for Podcast Awards '05, '06 & '08
“The most passionate customer advocate and community leader I've ever met." - John Porcaro, Director, Xbox Customer and Community Relationship Management, Microsoft

“He is one of those individuals who keep rising the bar." - Victoria N, Public Relations Coordinator, SEGA