Russ Dale

Writer, Editor, and Volunteer in Denver, Colorado

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Posh hobo dressed in shabbily best glad rags. Ex Vita, Scientia!

I live life. ☕ polymath adventurer🌮loyal human teacher journalist🌎WX🌪️witty🥓artist comedian scientist paleoanthropologist friend listener

I love communication. Born and raised in Colorado, I have had many adventures. The adventure continues. With strong work ethic I recently found myself drifting from Colorado to Arkansas to Kansas to Colorado. I've enjoyed the freedom of not being tied down.

A certified weather spotter, storm chaser, actor, gardener, biscuits and gravy, word crafter and many other neat things, I'm eccentric when I want to be. I am mystic. Living. I am a rock hound. And a tad wacky. I can pretty much sum myself up as follows, in a wordy sort of way: I’m a polymath that enjoys gardening, writing, space, collaborative arts, literature, cognitive archeology, M-theory...

"I am lard, hear my gristle!" -- Russ Dale I enjoy playing the harmonica, listening to music, gardening, following manned space flight, camping, hanging out with friends, cooking, BBQing, spending time with family, writing and many other neat things. Things like what? Oh space, Mars, Moon, NASA, Apollo, Mercury, Gemini, Orion, ESA, comics, books, movies, scanning, reading, skipping, dancing, star gazing, astronomy, regression, lard, lubby, writing, comedy, youtube, video, acting, improv, geology, lunar geology, history, archaeoastronomy, writing, adventure, strolling, sitting in silence, telling jokes, smiling, sharing, leaping and being. Yes I said archaeoastronomy.

I wouldn't mind becoming a space tourist one day. If I had millions of dollars to spare I would go to the International Space Station Alpha to perform scientific experiments of my own design. Go Broncos.

I also like photojournalism, telescopes, carbon nanotube composites, gonzo journalism, time travel, oatmeal stout, Scotch, aviation, chick flicks, comedy, Jello, biscuits and gravy, pedicures, paleoclimatology, paleostatistics, planetary geology, cryovolcanic outgassing, molecular phylogenetics, sundresses, picnics, wine, garlic and grilled cheese. I am alive. I roam. I am nice. I try to live life to the fullest, learning and experiencing new things almost daily. I am an adventurer. I want to go tubing. I am simple, in a sophisticated sorta way. I weep. Yes I weep. I admit it. Look away! I am boring.

I am a Denver historian and space buff amateur rocket scientist. I am a gardener, a farmer. I'm quirky. I have opinions. I'm a laid back warrior.

  • Education
    • Adams State University