Paul Nulty

Entrepreneur, Investor, Bitcoin Miner & Adventurer in Scotland, United Kingdom

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I started my working life as a motor mechanic which led me in to all kinds of vehicle repair work and all other aspects of vehicle services, As much as I enjoyed the motor industry it was not really in alignment with what I really wanted to do. My ambitious character and curiosity led me in to Self Employment, Business studies, Holistic Health Practices, Investor Strategies & Entrepreneurship.

In later years, I decided to turn my day job in to a hobby, Doing the odd classic or sports restoration and in between times educating myself on Physical, Spiritual & Financial Well-being.

As a Martial Artist and former Junior Gymnast I already had a good understanding of Physical Well-being, However I knew I still had much more to learn and so I began exploring Holistic Health Practices & Ancient Wisdom which I continually study & practice today.

Holistic Health Practices & The Services I provide.

Jikiden Reiki, Qigong, Sports & Fitness Gear, Nutrition & Health Products for weight management, longevity, vitality, muscle maintenance & living a healthy balanced lifestyle. I also believe that Financial Education also contributes to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

To Your Amazing Success, Good Health & Great Fortune!

Paul Nulty
International Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

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