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Here's what our members say

“I have good days and bad days on the golf course, but I always try to enjoy my golf. After all, I do it for fun. Over the last couple of years I have thoroughly enjoyed the many days out playing golf with some great people who have joined me in the events and competitions organised by Golf4Fun. There's a friendly rivalry between the better players - especially at the 19th - as well as the opportunity to give a little encouragement to some of the improving players new to the game. I've met many like minded people at these events who, along with the good organisation and a fine selection of venues, create a great atmosphere and make each whole Golf4Fun day a pleasure… no matter how good or bad the golf! I'll be back, again and again.”
Jay Gilbert, "King Tiger" 2013 (England)

“Golf is much more than a game, it’s a series of special moments we keep for a lifetime. Sure, that one perfect 7 iron landing next to the cup or that putt drained from 20 meters could be some of those moments. But, this past summer, most all my special moments were simply playing with the whole group of Golf4fun. Wonderful camaraderie, laughs galore, and special warmth I am very happy to find here in my new home of Switzerland. And it’s all open for anyone to join the fun. Can’t wait for next year!”
John Seeger (U.S.A)

"Nomen est omen. Golf4fun tournaments are really that, fun, fun, fun but also proper tournaments. First, because the participants are players that love the game and take it serious. And therefore also want others in their flight to enjoy the game and the day. Positive vibes all around. Second, because a proper tournament needs proper prices and competition. There several categories which give you a number of shots at a feel good moment at the end of the day. And all of it on great courses."
Leon Smits (Netherlands)

"A great place to get lessons, practice your swing and moves and to take part in fun events. The team are friendly and approachable. I had a really lovely time here and have no hesitation in recommending Golf4Fun for those interested to meet other interested people in a relaxed fun environment."
Suzanne Lochlin (Scotland)

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