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What Are Dental Implants And How Are They Installed?

New Mexico dentists offer a multitude of choices to restore patients' teeth. The most permanent and long-lasting of these opportunities are dental implants. Unlike any other choice, the dental implants are secured via a titanium root. This presents the patient with a far superior option than others.What are Dental Implants?Dental implants are replacement teeth that are constructed of a synthetic resin. The mold is produced from the original or surrounding teeth. The implants are created with a connecting screw that is secured during the surgical implantation process. These implants appear more natural than crowns, bridges, and dentures.How are They Installed?The first step of the implantation process requires the installation of the titanium root. The root is secured into the jawbone. At the end of the root is an abutment. This abutment connects to the implant tooth.The process is performed in stages. After the root is installed, the Albuquerque dentist provides the patient with a temporary bridge. This protects the installation and surrounding teeth. It could take up to a couple months for the gums to heal. The dentist schedules the final steps according to the average healing time.What Patients Should ExpectThe patients acquire an improved appearance and communicate more effectively. They won't experience the discomfort that they would if they choose dentures. The implants won't move around in the mouth. This prevents difficulties when eating.The patient may clean the implants in the same way as they would their natural teeth. This improves their overall oral hygiene. The implants are also more durable than other options.Are There Additional Requirements?Yes, in some cases, there are further requirements. The Albuquerque dentist must evaluate the strength of the jawbone. Select patients require bone grafting. This allows the dentist to build up the jawbone. It ensures them that the implant took is secure after the implantation process.Who Shouldn't Get Dental Implants?Patients who have existing cardiovascular disease or uncontrolled bleeding shouldn't get implants. Patients who have received any form of radiation treatment require a full evaluation first. Diabetes shouldn't receive th