Jogebeth (Joey) G Salazar

Software Engineer

As a recent Software Engineering grad, I've joined teams invested in open source, upstream contributions, Internet Standards, and IETF participation, both as a developer and as a Senior Program Officer, with a focus on DNS, censorship circumvention, privacy and anonymity.

Projects: OpenRefine extension for Wikidata written in Java, where I refactored the existing codebase, added tests, and added support for Structured Data handling; Git's dissector in Wireshark written in C and Python, where I added base functionality, testing, and HTTPS support to the Git dissector; BIND's authoritative and recursive DNS server in C, where I worked on migrating the unit test suit from atf to cmocka, expanded base functionality, and modified output parsing; a proprietary online inspection system in fullstack Java for my graduation thesis that provides management of test data with error handling control, user access management, machine and network status management, order management, and results report generation.

Some achievements to date:

  • Co-authoring an IETF draft
  • Contributing to standardization processes at the IETF and being a mentor for programs relating to IETF/W3C
  • Becoming an OpenRefine, Git, Wireshark, and Mozilla contributor
  • Becoming fluent in a third language
  • Receiving a full scholarship for academic excellence to study Software Engineering abroad
  • Certifying in CCNA and Linux+ through self learning
  • Being a top performer for CSat and ART metrics

Articles, Panels and Webinars: