Gonçalo Fortes

CEO in Lisbon, Portugal

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Goncalo studied Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico. During those years he started his first company, Crazydog, a software house. where he worked with the IST Center for Astrophysics, the Mathematics Department of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and several banks, insurance companies and trading brokers, working on predictive systems for pension funds, Asset-Liability Matching and algorithmic trading.

Being the son of industrialists, he was born and raised in a factory's shop floor. It was only natural that the next step was the creation of Prodsmart, a company that provides real time process tracking for production lines and job shops.

To complete the picture, he loves magic, comic books, theatre and ties.

"What the heck?" – you may think - "That sh*t makes my neck itchy and I can't breathe! What's there to be loved?". And the answer is that ties are the perfect combination between classical unusefulness and modern worthlessness. And is there something more appealing than things that you don't need?

Oh... and by "he", I mean "me". Welcome!

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