Greg O'Neill

Chief Executive Officer & Founder in Spokane, Washington

Greg O'Neill

Chief Executive Officer & Founder in Spokane, Washington

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Born in the Territory of Alaska, I've been all over the world, even managed to get back up to Alaska in the commercial fishing industry, I lived in West Berlin when the Wall was built, and moved to Albuquerque, NM. I joined the Navy and went off to Vietnam, graduated from the Defense Department Information Specialist School, and became a newspaper editor-in-chief of a 12 page weekly paper. I finished my hitch, later joined the Army, went to Fort Benning, GA, and Officer Candidate School, served at Battery, Battalion and Brigade command levels, went to Germany and earned the Army Commendation Medal.

I will be moving to Ashland, OR, to buy properties in the area to turn them into food forest farm sites where we will build the homegrown natural rubber industry that America needs to replace our Asian imports of 1.5 million tons per year.

We have the opportunity to work with Dr. Katrina Cornish, to build a homegrown natural rubber industry for America, where we now import and use to make 40,000 items that depend on it, tires included.

Global demand is expected to be 17 million tons per year, in 2026, with a 10% decrease in supply with the death of a million rubber trees in 2020 due to fungal leaf blight.

Many smallholders, families in India and Thailand, are getting out of tapping their family's rubber trees as they are not making enough to make it worth the risk. (Global Platform For Sustainable Rubber in Singapore) gave a global natural rubber valuation of $40 Billion in 2020, and $86.5 Billion for2026, as global demand increases with more countries using natural rubber to produce products.

The sales team at has eagerly stated they will be able to sell all raw natural rubber we will produce on our farm sites.

My project will be a showcase for new tech and materials to show all nations that we will be able to provide clean energy, food and water, for the generations to come, with a gentle footprint on the living land.

We will work closely with Food Forest Abundance and their Freedom Farm Academy to help people to grow their own food.

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    • Defense Department Information Specialist Course Graduate
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