Gonzalo Blanco Algaré

A little over 26 years ago, somewhere within the immensity of Buenos Aires, I was taken away from the comfort of my mother's warm womb and brought into the real world, the first of many traumatizing experiences that would shape my wonderful life into what it is today. At age 16, and in spite of one of the worst economic crisis in Argentina, my immediate family and I emigrated to the land of the free: USA.

Throughout my life, I've developed a really strong passion for music. I wake up to it, I go to sleep with it, I breathe it and sweat it, and it pours out of my pores. My soul feeds from it. At age 14, I started playing the guitar. Once in Miami, I assisted Miami Dade College, taking on personalized voice lessons with Cuban baritone Hector Rodriguez.

Besides writing theDiningDiariesUnveiled.wordpress.com blog, I'm currently contributing with articles for a local publication called The Dining Guide (diningG.com).

I also enjoy writing poetry, reading poetry, listening to poetry, wine drinking, seafood eating (hmmm), the color red, sarcasm, irony, paradoxes, laughing at myself, laughing at yourself, laughing at us, a full moon, a rising sun, living by myself, FIFA 13 (so addictive!) cuddling, kissing, telling the people that I love that I love them, the color red, déjà vu, BMW X6 (you'll be mine one day), Dave Chapelle (funniest guy on earth), Bond...James Bond, Margaritas, Scotch Whiskey, Scotch tape, Scotch skirts, Scottish salmon, Scottie Pippen, the Chicago Bulls, Red Bull, the color red, "gingers", ginger ale, freckles, dimples, long eyelashes, driving on the country route, routers, rotors, motors, odors (nice ones), puppies, a child smiling, a smile childing, traveling, X factor, Family Guy (until the 9th season), Breaking Bad (hell yes!) Don Julio silver, foie gras, lamb chops, seabass, salads (I love making them), love (I love making it), French nails (on a woman of course), French toast (on a woman of course :), the joy of waking up every morning knowing that something great is awaiting to happen, and even if it doesn't there's always a chance that it might, making people smile, making every day count (I'm working on that one), FC Barcelona , lychees, and did I mention the color red? If you made it this far, know that I appreciate you. The future seems bright, stick around.