Bizarroïde Masqué

Aestete in Lyon, France

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I was born on Halloween day, grandson of Jean Charpentier (french for John Carpenter) by the end of the psychedelic coloured era. I discovered an early taste for modbid humor, fire in the night and daydreaming music.

Therefore was I predestined to dress in orange and black. Stop bothering me with Netherlands, Guantanamo prisoners, DDE (french Departmental Equipement), telecom companies or citrus fruits. I might stand sporadic allusions to cucurbits.

As a french aesthete, I consider Belgium an upperclass country for its countless sophisticated products : nonsense humor, comics, movies, so-called "french" stars, "art nouveau" architecture, superior beer, real chocolate, perfect fries, speculoos...

Astro : care bear ascendant Rin Tin Can.