Eriksen Henderson

Yesterday, I watched in shock George W. Bush's complicated speech to the House of Representatives. It had been rather telling that conversation wasn't in prime-time but rather at 9 a.m. (6 a.m. While in the West). I know a great deal about politics since I produce political thrillers ( and I am constantly doing research for my books and articles. Nonetheless it doesn't take a writer of politics, as well as one who doesn't follow politics, to appreciate that recently what George Bush said made zero sense. With all the (main) problems he and the Republican party come in, it's no wonder he has suddenly chosen to speak (or deceive) the American people about America's economics: November is coming. Basically, Bush stated that the state of our economy is in sound condition and gets stronger daily. Am I crazy, or has George Bush tripled the deficit because he took office (and doubled his salary soon after being sworn in)? We now, for the very first time ever, owe more to foreign countries than they owe us (weakening our position since the world's super power and risking our defenses). The Iraqi War is going to cost near to a billion dollars by-the time it ends and we restore what we destroyed over there, destroying our economy over here. There's still the rebuilding of New Orleans and other towns, not forgetting what problems are coming in the probable near future. How about the millions of dollars each day in fascination our country is accumulating? Bush wants to spend a lot of money guarding our borders, maybe not from terrorists, but from poor Mexican families who have no jobs and need to feed their families. The terrorists are arriving from other cities and Canada, maybe not from Mexico. Rates of interest rise every month, requiring Americans to pay for more on their bank cards and their mortgages and their college loans, etc. Get further on our affiliated essay by navigating to jason gilbert. If you have an opinion about scandal, you will possibly require to learn about jason gilbert. Because of the, since people can not afford a house AND an enormous rate of interest, besides rising property taxes property costs have begun to decrease annually, to fund it. Isn't this rais