Good Deeds Global

GOOD DEEDS GLOBAL is a web-based organization that is leading a positive new global (Social Movement) that encourages people to live happier lives, as well as to be kinder, and more giving to one another. This effort is ultimately supported by our organizations various charitable examples of giving, along with our random acts of kindness and generosity towards people everywhere. The Good Deeds Global team asks for absolutely nothing in return from the people/recipients who are impacted by our many gestures of generosity. We only cordially suggest to that person, since we did something nice for you, please pass it along and consider doing something nice for someone else by simply "Paying It Forward" by doing "Good Deeds".

Why We Started This Organization/Social Movement: (Our Mission)

Our main objective is to encourage people to be more generous to each other, also to consider doing randomly nice things for others, and for no apparent reason other then to simply put a smile on that persons face. Additionally we hope our work will produce effective results in the areas of enhancing peoples positive ways of thinking, and encouraging them to have enthusiastic attitudes towards giving, and helping out their fellow human beings. Ultimately we strive to positively impact one person at a time, aiming to bring about simple joy and happiness in that individual through our acts of kindness/giving as well as our global volunteer efforts. In-turn helping to overall build happier, stronger, more productive communities around the world.