Elizabeth & Jay

North Carolina

Jay and I were friends long before we started dating. Back then I was dating someone else, and he was whiling away the aftermath of a bad relationship. We met when my then boyfriend took me to an out of the way town for a cattleman’s conference, but denied my entrance thinking I would drawl to much attention to myself. I saddled up at the local bar, Jay was my bartender. I was managing a garden as an Ameri-Corps Vista volunteer and Jay was moving to the town where I was stationed. He was finishing his BA at Guilford College and became a garden volunteer and quickly my best friend and confidant. After he graduated, and my relationship ended he moved to Salisbury, and I moved to Saxapahaw, NC. We realized that we missed each other. Such began back and forth visiting. Slowly at first and then every weekend religiously. We became official sometime in between, but if you ask me it's only been two weeks.

We're mighty big characters who love to cook and eat and have been witnessed on at least one occasion having a cocktail. Please enjoy our experiences and adventures with good food and bad people.