"KABI" Solomon

Kabi was born in the early days of february the year the Late Bob Marley passed. Conceived by Ethiopian parents above South Africa in the great and humble country of Botswana at Princess Marina Hospital. His parents decided to move to Kenya for job reasons and the hostile climate of the Ethiopian government at the time. Joined by two elder sister's and one older brother. His parents Zebade and Solomon, were keen on making sure their children received a great education, a wolrdly experience and exposure to all aspects of life. Growing up in an upper middle class family, the kids were able to go to both German and French schools in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. Kabi's parents made sure that all the children were able to go on retreats to see both positive aspects of the third world country's in Africa: from Safari getaway's to sitting down with local Masai's in the most rural areas. His father thought it to be important to embrace cultures corners of the world and not just experience tourist ameneties but to really embed oneself with local culture and understanding the history behind what developed the area, people, politics, trades, foods, music and languages. They would often travel to learn of these types of experiences in Ghana, Ethiopia, Togo, Ivory Coast, London, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg ETC After 8 years of living in Kenya and traveling the world, Kabi moved to France with his mother to persue school while his father was carefully planing a career towards the United States. His oldest brother moved to Germany for university and his father landed a job with The World Bank in washington DC where he would soon follow with his mother and sister's. His mother would later become an entrepeneur while raising her kids putting all four of there kids through college. in all corners of the country; CA, NY, FL, VA, MD and even Canada.

Family life was great for Kabi as he was always surrounded with loving parents and a proffesional family mostly involved in business and or philanthropy groups to help developing country's. Kabi is currently part of Marketing & Business development for a Digital Solution company in Northern, VA.