Teacher in Trail, British Columbia, Canada

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I’m just a small town geologist learning to teach as the mining sector has dried up in Canada. I remember a geologist friend of mine quipping during the economic downturn “Well here’s where we flood the market with out-of-work geologists becoming wannabe teachers.” I never thought this wold happen to me…but it did. I have been in the mining industry for 10 years, and have a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Earth Science. After struggling to find geology work one autumn, I lucked into a temporary contract teaching Earth Science at the local community college. And like most employment in this area, this led to more small teaching contracts. I began piecing my life together as a science teacher, trading in my previously glamorous life of rocks, travel, and adventure for blackboards, powerpoint presentations, and the classroom. And I love it (but I still miss the rocks; they are very different to work with than students). I currently teach chemistry and biology in Adult Basic Education in a small town in the West Kootenay region of beautiful British Columbia.