Goodleaf Rdh


Roots:2005 found dub rising from the musically dormant town of Malabon. In the frontline stands Goodleaf. Initially composed of Ian Cruz as bass guidance, dub organizer/melodica/mutated vocals Edy Varde and keyboards/stony fingers Jolly Navarro. The group is now rounded off with the additional ambient guitar parts of Ryan Goan. plus the propulsion drum beats of Jas Sonido and percussion banging’s of Bobby “Dubby” Maltizo Goodleaf minister their music with various heavy influences, such as Ambient, Trip Hop, Post Punk, Vintage Dub from King Tubby to Jah Shaka, their first release Dub Pilipinas album, was their first LP to be released on Inity Records. And such as a important work for the label although they have a insufficient equipment requirements for dub recording they procure the difficult situations and used their minimal resources. A seminal work of the band for their dub appetite.