Goodness Onoseta Ehizode

Hair Stylist, Small Business Owner, and Volunteer in Lagos, Nigeria

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Hello, I am Goodness Ehizode a broadcast journalist, fashion enthusiast and author of "How do I look?" ,a friendly guide towards projecting your best appearance. I own a three line fashion brand called Settaz Maison. Settaz Maison is centered around Wig making, wardrobe consultancy and sales of fashion accessories.

I am passionate about empowering young people with skills and helping them create business empires out of those skills. It is in this light that I have empowered close to 100 youths with wig making skills and helped them create sustainable business empires via the skills.

I am also passionate about volunteering as I have volunteered for Organizations like the woman of worth network. I am also the team lead of the Empowered to Empower scheme created by the network.

I love to sing, travel and I speak French fluently. Click the link above to access my book.