Good Square

Good Square

Life is busy (not to overstate - it's short too), relations are hard to come - you don't want to miss any important moment involving them, as much as you don't want them to forget yours - especially birthdays, anniversaries, their families, and appropriate gifts.

Thanks to so many social apps, now forgetting the birthday is impossible -- so much that, it's hard to avoid being "reminded" even about those whom you have not met since kindergarden. That's a problem - that convolutes the real "reminders". And, then what's worth a reminder which leaves you puzzled to scramble something for the last minute? Don't you wonder, "...where all those great ideas I have had thought about "xyz" for "abc" occasions?...".

There's nothing which existed till date.

But if you realize the problem, then you will love what I have been building. My new product is called -- goodsq. Good-to-the-power-two. Goods' Q or Good-Square. Whatever suites you. It's different.

It will solve all the problems which is making you look less-social, plus, and listen to this carefully -- will keep the "obligations" balanced between the two of you. I will leave you imaging that with just one hint -- Did you ever wonder that you are the party which keeps giving, but get's less in return?

Well, Goodsq may also be forget-not-to-reciprocate insurance policy.

Get on, get started. Invite friends. Share your wishes. Poke them (anonymously) about what they want. And stay happy ever after.


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