GoodsQuicker Group

GoodsQuicker is dedicated to providing quality and professional goods quicker and easier.

We specialize in manufacturing industrial parts and China sourcing related services, especially in the customization process of manufacturing. Our objective is to help small and medium size foreign companies to get quality and cost effective parts and service in China, help our clients to enlarge trade or set up trade or invest in China. We believe that in the competetive market, low costs and quicker response would always gain sustainable advantages to yield higher profit margins without extra input wasted.

Our services include producing aluminum casting parts (die casting and sand casting especially), producing plastic/rubber parts, CNC machining parts, sheet metal parts, product sourcing, supplier verification, quality assurance, shipping arrangement and other China sourcing related services.
Our aluminum casting & CNC machining workshop, sheet metal factory, platic workshop have run over 15 years, during the period we producing these parts, we also helped our clients sourcing related parts which produced in other factories. With that we enhanced our experience on different kind of sourcing, QC and shipping arrangment. We build a team of highly trained and highly motivated managers, engineers, and workshop experts who are knowledgeable and well-experienced in manufacturing and China's domestic and international sourcing.