Jennifer Chandler

Welcome to Good Things By Jenn! I am excited to get started in the blogging world. My name is Jennifer (everyone calls me Jenn) and I am a full-time working outside of the home mom and wife. I also own a side business called Jenn’s Gifts & More, and am an independent consultant for Pink Zebra Home. Yes, very busy! But I enjoy every bit of it! I have been very interested in blogging for some time now, I just had no clue where to start. So, bear with me here as I am learning as I write and publish posts!

A little about this blog: I tossed around several ideas for a blog…did I want to focus on DIY/Crafts, Frugal Living, Recipes, Living Healthy? I kept thinking to myself that I didn’t want to have to stick to one particular subject or theme. So, that’s when I thought I could write about things I do or tried in our household that could benefit others. Hence, Good Things By Jenn was born.

I hope you find some good, helpful information from this blog. I enjoy receiving comments and feedback, and connecting with other moms who blog.