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Electric Guitars and keyboards are now very commonplace in the modern musical arena. Nowadays, it’s tough to even find a singer who doesn’t use digital devices to better their voice. On the other hand, the history of digital music isn’t long, having only been released in the 1960’s with the initial electric computer keyboard.


As they had been in the Forefront of music styles in their period, The Beatles were in charge of attracting the electrical organ to favorite music. The Mellotron was among the very first parts of equipment of its type and it was initially utilized in accordance with The Beatles’ tune Strawberry Fields Forever. At this moment, songs still contained traditional drums and guitars, so the genre has become called electro-acoustic.

The Introduction of digital instruments was a fantastic advancement that opened up a lot more choices for musicians. But many fans didn’t view it this way and were shocked when their favourite artists started using amplified instruments. The most well-known instance of this is when Bob Dylan plugged into play with the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. His supporters turned him on the minute he plugged the guitar he received death threats due to the episode.