Noelle Perez

Virginia Beach, Virginia

My name is Noelle Perez. I'm 17 years old and I run a blog on tumblr. Im a singer, I write poetry, and I'm a survivor of mental illnesses.

My Tumblr:

My name on tumblr is "selfharming-warrior". I do not promote self-harm, eating disorders, or anythring harmful to ones self. I blog based on my mood. My blog is one of my coping skills.

My Mental Illnesses:

I was diagnosed with severe major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, mild schizophrenia, mild OCD, general anxiety, insomnia, an eating disorder, and ADHD. I have a self-harm addiction, mostly cutting. I've been getting help for over a year now. I'm currentely working hard in my recovery.


Recovery for anyone suffering from disorders or addictions are extremely hard to overcome. Recovery is a daily battle and it never ever has a day off. Every day is a struggle and everyone going through recovery deserves respect and support from family, friends, and others who encounter them. Recovery is very serious and should not be joked about or taken lightly.

Being A Mental Illness Advocate:

I share my story and raise awareness for mental illnesses. It is important to raise awareness so people will stop making jokes about this serious topic and the stigma for mental illnesses will end. I feel it is important to share my story so others know they are not alone in this and that recovery is possible.

My Advice:

If you self-harm in any way such as; cutting yourself, burning yourself, starving yourself, making yourself throw up, taking drugs to numb the pain, ect, then I suggest you need to seek help immediately. Seeking help and conviding in someone is intense and scary but is needed when you are causing danger or inflicting pain on yourself on purpose. If you need to talk I am always here and open to communicating to anyone in need or you can always talk to a loved one or a friend who you trust and they can help you seek the proper help you need.

Everyone stay strong and please remember I am here for you all.

Much love,

Noelle. xo

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