Barbara Cappelli

Kealekekua, HI

GooFurr gives you the advantage of two methods for delivering the medication without the risk of injuries from bites or scratches, as well as eliminating the risk of harming your cat which usually is associated with forcing pills down an animal’s throat.

Plus, once the pill and GooFurr are combined they cannot be separated, unlike when using the method of hiding pills inside "wrappers".

The vast majority of cats love the taste so much that the need to apply it to the fur is rarely necessary. However, this second option remains available to you.

Easy, safe and pleasant for both caregiver and animal.

Safe to use on a daily basis and can be used to deliver vitamins and supplements, as well.

Go to our website to purchase single tubes or a case if you are a vet, pet store owner, animal organization, etc.

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    • Owner and Creator of GooFurr