maddy singh

i m so emotional. i think life is strugle.In case you haven't figured it out, I'm maddy singh.I am a fun loving guy....n i believe in living each n every moment of life to the fullest!im a guy wid chilled out attitude, bt no1 realyl knos me 4 wat i am, not evn me,, I FEEL COMFORTABLE EXPRESSING MYSELF WITH WORDS....My Birthday is 08 NOV. I live in BETTIAH and i am alone. I have gone to college ON and started verious majors (classical voice, music theatre, criminology, psychology......) and one day I will finish one. I like a lot of thing. Music- I love music,it's very important to me.I like writing and reading and doing cross-word puzzles.I like movies that don't suck. I like vannila, leapord prints, iced tea, art, rain, animall of all kind, cricket and other things.AND I LOVE FIRE ARMS...i also like to play cricket............. I also don't like somethings. I don't like people that are mean to me.I don't like voilence and people that are disrespectful, especially to themselves and those I care about. I don't like being poor and bored.I don't like being useless, but i don't like being used. Thats very much, all I have to say rightnow.....Anything else can be asked through email.