njabulo patrick molefe

South Africa, Johannesburg

why tricks are not solutions.I never been painted.I am created with powerful hands.Almighty clay and spirit been borrowed temporary, I trust inner most God.my joy is within me dust.not just dust of hell, iternally soul.what matters is model of honest. I am a little bit more of GOD. We are resemble of beautiful Creator.we strong inside us.but outer layer is weakest link. Cause of this clay of various colours,political position geographical. Why not just love one another.as Christ loves us all. Not tricks to the shameful cross.He served the purpose of Our Father who arts everything in Heaven and earth. Dynamic super love.I am not an author but I have authority.to share love as a light from above.I claim many accolades in the Kingdom come. I have testimony to the world.I am born again.with strong sense of humour,I love all good deeds. Praying for unity and stability to human peace. My country of birth there are lot of negative agendas. I even think to immigrate.well I can't just shake dust and move out.

  • Work
    • Unemployed
  • Education
    • High School
    • old mill high school
    • kwa ZULU
    • NATAL failed matric,RICHTEK VOCATIONAL COLLEGE national certificate N1