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For example, execute a search for the term activities and youll realize that ESPN keeps the top place in Google, while Yahoo! Activities holds the top spot in Fox and Yahoo Sports holds the top spot in MSN...

When optimizing your site for the search engines, you actually have three choices which one to improve for Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Each search engine has certain criteria that is emphasized more and the elements that assist you to rank well differ from search engine to search engine. Get more on the affiliated article - Click here: free google serp tool.

For example, do a search for the word sports and youll realize that ESPN holds the top position in Google, while Yahoo! Sports holds the top spot in Fox and Yahoo Sports holds the top spot in MSN.

Needless to say, however, if you do a search for hotels, youll discover that http://hotels.com gets the top place in every three search engines.

So whats a person to accomplish when perfecting their web sites?

My advice is always to focus your attention on enhancing your site to rank well in Google. How To Check Serp Free includes extra information about the purpose of it. Yahoo and MSN combined dont send as much traffic as Google can should you support the top place. Its is practical that youd wish to focus your time and efforts o-n Google, since Google gets not exactly half (about 49-year) of ALL search-engine traffic.

Also, because Google has the reputation for providing the most relevant results, Yahoo and MSN tend to always be playing catch-up. So whats operating well in Google will probably benefit both Yahoo and MSN.

However, if you optimize for Yahoo or MSN, youre unlikely to rank also in Google. In the event people want to be taught more about how to check serp free, there are heaps of online resources you might think about pursuing.

Something I also like about Google is how fast theyre currently updating their catalog. You can get a site up, get a few links, and be listed within just weekly. Yahoo and MSN tend to be a great deal slower in getting the site indexed. Also, the rankings change less usually in MSN and Yahoo, that will be great if you keep the top-ranking, however not therefore great when youre attempting to climb up in the rankings. With Googles often upgra