Kieron George

You can find me all over the web, always under the username Googol(plex)byte, It where I spend the majority of my time.

I consider myself a Intellectual, with an above average IQ, I constantly working towards becoming a renowned Doctor of Artificial Intelligence. I love the diverse topics that spring up around it from Biology and Philosophy to Engineering and Video Games, I am always trying to expand my knowledge of all things.

I am from a below average socioeconomic background, at least in terms of UK standards, and I've been toughened up and taught the value of money because of it. As my Father has a military background, I am strong and disciplined, and due to the constant moving involved in his line of work I've become adept at dealing with an ever changing environment as well as becoming skilled at making friends and dealing with those who think less of you for being new.

As for religious belief I have none as I am an Atheist, although the religion I identify most with is Christianity due to the my background. The closest thing to religion I have is Singularitarianism, I also hold the belief that the Many-worlds Interpretation is correct and as a result find it likely that I am in some ways Immortal.

I would consider my Hobbies to be, reading Science & Technology News and listening to Science-y Pod-casts, reading Light Novels and their adaptions, playing Video Games, watching Let's Plays, reading Web Comics, perusing The Internet, reading and exploring Alternate History.

But other than that I am just your average young white British male student.