Avril Willson

Student in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Hello (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

I'm Avril, but most people call me Avi or Mikan!!

I have very bad anxiety so please be gentle with me! I apologize for basically everything and I have extreme paranoia and MPD so please keep that in mind thank you!

Below are my kins and some info about them!

♥ Mikan Tsumiki (SDR2)

Mikan isn't even really a kin because she IS me, I AM her. I have majority of my memories but some from before I woke up are still coming back to me from time to time. I am ok with people calling me by the name given to me in this universe (Avril), but I love being called Mikan since that was my previous name.

♥ Hanayo Koizumi (Love Live!)

Hanayo is also ME!!!

The connection is not as strong as Mikan but I still AM her!

♥ Karan (No.6)

Karan is not nearly as important as the other two but I still identify with her lots!

Song Kins!

♥ Get busy living or get busy dying (Fall out boy)

♥ Soap (Melanie Martinez)

♥ Dog Teeth (Nicole Dollanganger)

♥ We are the dead (David Bowie)

♥ Heathens (Twenty One Pilots)




-Mean indirects



-Any form of scar (Picture not description)