Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson embodies the modern renaissance marketing man – without the tights and poofy hats. Being responsible for the “pictures” side of the Word and Picture Factory, he spends hours passionately worrying about proportions, gradients, color palettes, layout composition and looking for the Golden Ratio (1.61803398875...). He's never met a drop shadow he didn't want to use.

Applying the same neurotic focus on details to both graphic design and digital marketing campaigns, Eric can wield the power of modern design and marketing tools to get your brand message in front of the right audience at the right time.

When he's not pounding his keyboard, you'll find Eric under the Idaho sky camping, hitting the shooting range, riding dirtbikes and swearing quietly under his breath at the BCS. He's also an undefeated dance contest champion, has never lost to a girl in arm-wrestling, and has performed in community theater. (see, told ya he's a renaissance man)

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    • B.S. Mass Communication, Advertising. University of Idaho 2005.