ali :^)

ali :^)

this is my rbf. if u read this entire thing, u can scroll down and screenshot, then send it to me to follow. id u dont, i will block u.

heres the scoop yall;the names ali. this is my spam acc to get away from my regular account. i enjoy screaming, armin arlert, and being an argumentative asshole. you have been warned lmao

privileges: i am white. iam able bodied. iam middle class ihave access to education. iam allistic.non intersex

disprivileges: i am mentally ill and i have no access to a therapist. at times my household isnt safe for me to be in because of my parents. i am nonbinary and queer and i am not out to everyone

things abt me you should consider:i am not above namedropping / calloutsi am pretty argumentative (bitter) and i often post a lot of opinionsi post a lot in general (its a spam!)my fandoms include snk, tg, dmmd, drrr, klk, su, gf, etc.. i reference them occassionally but its like 2% of my contenti tag my vent posts almost alwars unless i am super upsetask if u want anything tagged or smth else!!this page is under construction!!!

• do not hatefollow/follow to spy on my acc

• do not follow me if u are racist sexist ableist transphobic / trans / intersex exclusionary misogynistic classist etc. etc

• do not follow me if you believe in reverse oppression (ex: reverse racism, skinny shaming)

• do not follow me if you are a terf twerf any variation of tht or truscum

• do not follow me if u take part in rape culture or if you take part in cultural appropriation or if you believe in gender roles

• do not follow me if u fetishize any race or trans ppl

• do not follow me if you are anti feminist anti sjw or if you stand for "real equality"""

• do not follow if you like nikki minaj

• do not follow if you use slurs u cannot reclaim

• do not follow if you post gore with teeth or internal organs

• do not follow if you are anti self diagnosis

• do not follow me if you use "autistic" or "r*tarded" or "ps*chotic" as an insult / part of your vernacular

• do not follow if you dont believe in ship hate

• do not follow if you ship ereri, or if you are fine with it. same goes for all pedo / incest / abusive ships.

• do not follow if you follow/like/support or interact with: heir_of_seth and any of his mutuals, godtierjanecrocker, knightlycrow.

• do not follow me if you are a stan for problematic or abusive character