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Gopal Verma is an Advocate on Record (AOR) at Supreme Court of India, Active Member of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) of India, Active Member of Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association (SCAORA) of India, Amicus Curiae (AC) at Supreme Court of India and Distinguished Member of International Council of Jurists (London).

Gopal Verma is passionate about access to justice, gender rights, pro-bono policy in India, environmental law and social change. He loves to read and write in his spare time.

Gopal Verma Advocate is regularly appearing before Supreme Court of India since more than one and half decades. He is associated with high profile cases of India related to civil, criminal, constitutional, family, contract, consumer, company, traffic, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) matters, Anti Corruption, Accident, Ndps, cyber crime and various legal issues at Supreme Court of India, various High Courts and Tribunals in India.

Gopal Verma is regularly drafting and arguing various cases such as Special Leave Petitions (Civil), Special Leave Petitions (Criminal), Writ Petitions, Transfer Petitions, Contempt Petition etc. before Supreme Court of India, High Courts of India, Districts Courts and various Tribunals all over India.

Gopal Verma Advocate is a quintessential lawyer, loud, irascible and never afraid of a fight. Gopal Verma’s USP is that he instinctively knows the one point that will appeal to the Judges and he will home in on that. When you go to Gopal Verma for a conference, he will poke through the papers, asking you seemingly random questions in a seemingly interested manner. All the while, Gopal Verma is looking for that one “magic” point that will catch the Judges attention. When he gets hold of that “magic” point, he will start his argument with that knowing that if that strong point does not convince the Judges, nothing else will. He puts the point across with such force and conviction, that it usually sways the Judges. Gopal Verma believes that the Indian Legal System is highly complex, yet there are extremely simple solutions.

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