Gopikrishnan Nair

Trivandrum, Kerala

In the end, its all about happiness. You can live your entire life doing everything that is appropriate and expected of you, yet die a sad miserable man. You can make money, be successful, have an awesome social standing, yet feel that overwhelming need to be "alive". In that context, I should introduce myself as somebody who value happiness over everything else.

Im somebody who vehemently believes that life is all about building great memories, gaining wisdom and most importantly, making a difference. It's about doing all the things you love, investing in experiences over materials and providing a helping hand to fellow human beings. Im that kind of guy whose worst nightmare would be to die without making an impact. Im that kind of guy. whose ultimate objective is to live a life that , at least in the minutest way, contributes to the collective happiness of mankind. Well to sum it up, yes im that crazy over-ambitious spontaneous kind of guy.

Now since ive managed to bore you with presumptions of what I think I am, shall I proceed onto a little bit about what I do?

Im by qualification a mechanical engineer who couldnt put together a nut and a screw, even if my life depended on it. So I listened to sense, and hence, ended up handling the marketing/sales side of a healthcare Start Up. Otherwise I'm a co-organizer for TEDxTrivandrum, co-founder of the state chapter of Paperman (A recycling based NGO), Greenpeace Volunteer , has had experience working with the Social Welfare Ministry and ALMOST managed to start a social initiative between the Govt and Google (Which is in the works due to multiple issues).

So thats me at my narcissistic best! Thank you for taking so much out of your time to go through this profile, in case you got something thats up my alley (or something in which I could be of use), DO ping me.:)

  • Work
    • Marketing Analyst
  • Education
    • Vinayaka Mission's University