Gopinath Pal

Calcutta, Bengal, India

Gopinath Pal

Calcutta, Bengal, India

Hi...friends I'm Gopinath,

I love to write Si-Fi Short Stories and sometimes also poems.Oh! Yes, I write

poem actully bengali poems and other things that I love most are Space&Time ,

Cosmos and mysterious of Endless Universe. Otherwise I like Meditation the system

of controlling mind and the thought what you want and what you are want see

through your little mind. Swamiji is my only inspiration to continue my daily

internal spirit and Robi Thakur is the source of how respect our culture, feel

the feelings what I want and the deep thought in me. except this things I like

old traditional things, old days lifestyle as well as old cultures but believe

in reality.

Hello! dear friends love to make friendship with you, If you know me or you

want to know me from stranger level, just feel free to ask me or message me.

Have a nice day!

  • Education
    • B.Tech in ECE at Techno India, Salt Lake