Gopitrinadh M

Sr. Lead Engineer in Hyderabad, India

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Co-founder of Brightsnip, a price comparison platform which lists product prices from different e-commerce websites & facilitates end-user to choose the best price with ease.

Day time, I contribute to Qualcomm's most valued Connectivity products, with a strong expertise in Wireless (Small cell) software development , Module Ownership, Customer Interactions & C & Python programming.

Professionally, am proud to mention on, I lead my team to deliver quality & timely deliverables. We rolled out an internal tool, used by most other developers and reduce the test efforts involved, dramatically improve product quality right at Unit test phase.

Passionate to deliver products, with high quality, robust and scalable coding standards.

Key factors to my success:

Passion to deliver, Continuous learning & Team work.


LTE Small cell - Physical Layer, RRC, RRM & S1AP

Programming - C, Python & Javascript

Tools - GIT, Perforce, JIRA, Gerrit, Vim

General - Module Ownership, Client interactions & Agile work environment

  • Work
    • Qualcomm
  • Education
    • Andhra University