Mustafa Büyüközer


I was born in 1978/TURKEY, I worked at different levels of the IT sector for nearly 10 years.I am the focusing, visual design and web development last 6 years. The best design firms in the region where I worked. Private educational institutions gave lectures on web design.Currently, several agencies in the name of free designs and manufactures individually. For many projects at home and abroad have been giving graphic and web services. Corporate companies to devote to the internet consulting,
I have been in the visual director of some special events.

Painting, digital art, decoration, music is my work in areas such as professional and amateur. I wrote a book dealing with historical and philosophical perspective Martial Arts in 2001.The content of the book is now converted into a web site. In 2007, Psychedelic Trance-themed design and have published an e-magazine. This first of its kind in Turkey in terms of content. At the same time, supported by professional artists, coordinating OOM Vision. OOM Vision, decoration, digital printing, t-shirts, pictures, painting is done. Currently working on a different concept with a travel guidance system. I live in the region of local firms, web and graphic design to produce...

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