McBride Geertsen

At last, a top quality extension arm for my GoPro Hero that is budget-friendly and will definitely enhance your videos!

This might sound unusual when talking about a pole to hold your video camera, however it is a terrific feeling to lastly come across something that not only provides you a top notch, reasonably priced devices that likewise offers "unadvertised" bonuses (details on the best ways to make a "much better" video than what I have done in the past. It holds true, keep reading and I will certainly explain what I suggest.

I have a big collection of devices that I have acquired for my GoPro Hero HD 3, but they didn't all assist me get the shots that I wanted. Using the chest or head mount often didn't allow the angle or height I required. So that is why I chose to attempt and discover an extension arm to simply add that couple of additional inches or feet that I had to get above the crowd and far from my body.

I was also tired of trying to validate spending cash for a part that would break after a number of days (or sometimes simply as quickly as the guarantee ran out). I also do not such as investing more money than I need to or need to and still get a quality product. That is why I was drawn in to the On The Go Extension Pole on Amazon.

First, it was competitively priced-- and yet it was still $20 less than the one with the GoPro name on it and it looked solid and included nearly 40 inches.

Second, given that it was on Amazon (and I am a huge fan of's fast complimentary shipping (Prime Rocks!), I understood that there was a soothing money back guarantee that guaranteed me of being happy with the purchase.

So, I decided to provide them a try with this and, wow, did it end up one of the very best purchases I have actually made.

It began with the client service-- the business sent me a number of emails to let me understand the status of my delivery along with some understandings on the best ways to finest utilize my electronic camera. Remember, this was an extension arm, not even the electronic camera, and they were offering great information! I was impressed with the info that they supplied, a few of which would have taken me great deals of time to try and discover on my own.

On top of that, I was given an invite to join their web group to get routine emails and ideas on ways to take better video. This staggering