GoPro Hero3+

World Wide GoPro HERO3 + cameras are the best! Hands down I've tried them all, sony mini cams, ghost hd, none compare to the quality of a GoPro HERO3+! I initially started with the GoPro Hero3 White Edition, after testing it out, I immediately upgraded to the HERO3 Black Edition! GoPro has released the HERO3+ Editions, they are all well worth the investment.

So yes, this is a dedication page to the greatest action cam ever built! Cheers to the GoPro Team!

Quick GoPro HERO3 description below for those who have no clue why I would go through the effort to set up a page dedicated to the best damn cam available!

GoPro HERO3+

Born from a passion to capture your adventures from your perspective, the completely redesigned HERO3: Editions line of cameras are the most advanced GoPro cameras, ever.

Unprecedented Durability
Shockproof and waterproof to 197' (60m), and proven in heavy surf from Tahiti to Northern California and everywhere in between, GoPro cameras can handle it thanks their highly engineered polycarbonate exoskeletal housing. Ready for action—from scuba diving to dirt track racing, and tough enough to take a spin across the asphalt or launch into space, GoPros are built to take a beating and keep filming. Replacement lens kits and housings are available, so there’s little worry while going for glory—even while diving with sharks.

GoPro mounts enable you to capture a fully immersive experience of your most exciting moments while ensuring your camera is securely attached and with you for the ride. Helmets, poles, boards, vehicles—and even yourself—whatever you’re into, there’s a GoPro camera mount that will help you get the perfect angle and POV for your most epic adventures. The HERO3 comes with a few basic mounts to get you started.

Grab your GoPro Hero3+ Camera And Mounts

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