I'm currently developing my own pet projects.

* A vehicle routing system with database/Exce interface

* An ERP system with minimal outlay for small businesses.

* A diary/calendar/prioritised To-Do list with prompting; taking the guess work out, errors and omissions out of work/home task lists while accounting for time as one would account for money and ensuring standard procedures are followed.

These projects are coming along nicely. At least I can never forget a birthday; or attend a meeting late or unprepared. I can predict what I should be worth in 10 years time and I never pay bills late.

I'd be pleased to hear from any like-minded individuals who are just happy to chat about Excel, solve each others Excel problems and make suggestions, particularly ways of commercialising projects.

I also need a friend with web design knowledge, not to design a website for me, but to guide this DIY project so I can share my projects for the benefit of all.

Mike Benstead

Sydney, Australia