Praveen Kumar gorakavi

"Praveen Kumar Gorakavi is an inventor and former child prodigy. Praveen is recognized as a polymath, for his contributions in diversified fields of sciences, by various Indian scientific organizations" : wikipedia.

I have been doing research since my childhood, that made Indian media call me a 'Child Prodigy'. I have continued the spirit of innovation even after receiving 'Balshree' title from President of India, which is one of the prestigious award for Indian children with creative skills.

I have been working on multiple disciplines of engineering & sciences. Though a graduate of Chemical Engineering background, I have been recognized as a polymath for my contributions in various disciplines such as ammunition technology, artificial limb design, food preservation machine, bio-ethanol producing catalyst, nano-fertilizers etc.,.

I am an established professional inventor, recognized by various scientific organisations of importance. I have received few prestigious awards such as AP State's 'Uugadi Gavrav Puraskar' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Best Engineer/Scientist for the state of AP' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Child Scientist title' from DST, 'Best Innovator for helping physically handicapped' from Chief Minister of AP, 'Bal Ratna award', 'Gayatri Putra', etc.

I have a very close association with various research organisations, scientists, entrepreneurs, political dignitaries, public servants, NGOs, government bodies, etc., which makes me more thirsty for innovations. ;)