Goran Rauof

I'm a master student at the Royal Institute of Technology with focus on cross-functional product development. Last summer (2011), I did a summer internship at a startup in the San Francisco bay area. This internship was a part of IIP Summer Institute and designed to broaden my entreprenurial "know-how" and to gain a first-hand experience of startup businesses.

Currently doing my Master thesis at a MedTech startup at Karolinska University Hospital. A quick summary of me is that I always want to be involved in the creation process of products and services. I'm especially interested in software services for mobile systems and the web. My other interests involve the management of startups - from understanding the competative environment to seeking investors.

My past expereince involves a broad range of different fields, from graphics design to engineering on EV's. Still, it has all been about cross-functional product development in an innovative environment.