Goran Visnjic

Artist, Actor, and Filmmaker in Los Angeles, California

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Goran Visnjic, the Croatian actor with Hollywood career, was born on September 9, 1972 in Sibenica, a historic town on the Adriatic coast. His mother worked as a saleswoman, and his father was a bus driver. He also has an older brother. Goran Visnjic has been in love with acting for as long as he can remember. Ever since he was a kid, he used to appear in all sorts of stage performances. Before going to university he first served and then joined the Croatian army. Once the army was dismissed he headed towards Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, where he enrolled at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts.

In the second year of his studies, Visnjic was noticed by one of his professors who encouraged him to cast for the role of Hamlet. Considering that he was the youngest Croatian actor to ever play Hamlet, this was the make or break role for Visnjic, and the one that brought him fame and recognition. On the theatre stage he performed a long list of successful roles, and his first big screen appearance came in 1988 when he was casted in his first movie. In 1997 he had his first international role in the movie “Welcome to Sarajevo” directed by Michael Winterbottom.

The following year he was hired by Madonna to appear in her music video for “The Power of Goodbye”. In 1999 Goran Visnjic joined the acting cast of the mega popular TV Series E.R, where he was casted to play the handsome doctor Luka Kovac. By 2008 he becomes the main star of the series, and remained a part of it until its end. In the meanwhile he also appeared in several movies and showed his versatility. His long string of successful movie roles includes “Long gloomy night”, “Elektra”, "New York, I Love You" and many more. Goran Visnjic has been married to his wife Eva for a long time, and for around the past 15 years, the couple and their children have been living in Los Angeles.