Gord Armstrong

Niverville, Manitoba, Canada

It’s a new day!

I spent the majority of my life living with a glass ½ empty mentality.
I saw through tainted lenses, lived with meager possibilities, and sauntered through life accepting the status quo.
I knew how to teach and articulate faith for others; all the while struggling to keep my head above depression, while keeping a forced smile on my face.

Those days are gone forever! Praise God – He whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

I carry a teaching and pastoral anointing; mixed with a deep love and passion for the prophetic. I enjoy life, I champion freedom, and I adore adventure.
I also love to teach which is why I spend countless hours writing material on the prophetic. One of my dreams is to finally have the material published.

I have a beautiful wife whom I adore; three of the most amazing kids; two gorgeous daughters-in-love; a future son-in-love, and 6 super-natural Grandchildren – and counting. I’m a long distance runner; I love intimate friendships; and I love to travel and minister to the nations. Oh, and did I say that I adore adventure. Life is here to be lived to the full – I don’t want to waste a moment.