Gordon Kraft-Todd

PhD Student in New Haven, Connecticut

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I am a Psychology PhD student at Yale University. I have two main research interests: 1) the diffusion of cooperative innovations, i.e. how rare, individually costly but socially beneficial behavior spreads; and 2) evolutionary relational mechanisms of moral cognition, i.e. how social dilemmas inherent to distinct interpersonal relationships shape how we think about morality. I am particularly interested in studying these phenomena in the context of public goods, such as charitable giving and energy conservation.

I work in the Human Cooperation Lab in the Psychology Department of Yale University with Prof. David Rand. I am a co -founder of the Applied Cooperation Team at Yale which fosters relationships with field partners to test the ecological validity of our laboratory findings in the real world.

Before graduate school, I was an RA in many labs, e.g. these at Harvard and Mass General Hospital. I received my AB from Harvard College in 2007 with an independently designed major in Leadership. While there, I co-founded the Leadership Institute at Harvard College. I owe much of my knowledge about leadership and prosocial behavior to Camp Becket, where I spent 13 happy summers.

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