Gordon Clyne

I have an intense interest in art and technology. I have worked at some of the world finest technology companies, Palm, Sandisk and Apple amongst others, I have helped several startups get where they wanted to be, and I want to repay the fun times I have had in the technology business, by helping young entrepreneurs put smart heads on enthusiastic shoulders. Been there, done it, succeeded and now time to pass the knowledge on. My own two apps are doing well in the App store, Artonics and Criteria, and there is more to come. I can help people to build the App of their dreams, and get it to market. My diverse knowledge of the mobile device industry, memory technologies and computers in general is underscored by living and working in silicon valley for 18 years, and I wish to bring that experience to the UK where I currently live with my life partner, soul mate and best friend, Julia Clyne. My work can be viewed online at www.artonics-international.com, where you can also download my app to keep your kids amused or create your own art yourself! Enjoy!- Gordon