Gordon Brent Pierce

Im a huge fan of the University of British Columbia and the SEC East, with a background in Finance and business start ups. I am the owner of pierco management Gordon Brent Pierce

Gordon Brent Pierce Gold in the Marketplace Gordon Brent Pierce understands the unique place gold has traditionally held in the global marketplace and its growing popularity in today's volatile financial markets, especially considering its increasing market value in recent weeks. Gordon Brent Pierce sees gold steadily increasing in value—at times flirting with being valued at $2,000 an ounce—and this places a huge premium on not national gold supplies, such as in the United States or other countries, but individual holdings of gold as well. Such as in jewelry or other products owned by consumers and investors. The "yellow metal" is seeing a boom time, observes Gordon Brent Pierce, and there are many factors affecting this trend. First and foremost, gold has a limited supply in the world, automatically making it more valuable than any product deemed more readily available, like currency or other products relatively easy to make in a variety of conditions. Gordon Brent Pierce sees nations with certain stores of gold, using it both as a form of currency and a practical product for certain industrial uses. First, the use of gold as currency has been a primary value of the element for centuries. Nations have long used it as a primary form of currency given its global value in a variety of market settings. This was especially true centuries ago, during the age of Christopher Columbus and the European expansion that followed, as gold was a driving force behind much of the travel and search for new commercial trade routes around the world. Today, there are numerous forms of currency in countries all across the world, including paper money, coins, and the use of plastic for credit and debit cards. Gold, however, remains a symbol of wealth and security for many nations because of its steady supply and consistent value. Second, gold is valuable as an industrial product and possesses excellent conductivity for electricity and thermal sources and is very resistant to corrosion, as well. Combined with its penchant