Gordon Keenan


I am involved in the great world of IT solutions and support, running my own business, and seem to have been involved in all things tech for over twenty years now.

I believe in the word SERVICE, and I believe it to be the lost word for many support organisations in the world now, yet it's a word that defines everything I believe in and expect from anyone involved in IT support.

I focus on the small business community in the UK, even those with only one computer system. No matter how many PC's you have, you get the same quality SERVICE and SUPPORT that I believe is second to none.

How does my client base grow? Word of mouth has seem a steady progression of new clients, new jobs and new ventures, and with nearly ten years of steady client solidarity, we must be doing something right! SERVICE - a small and simple word that is in fact a word with huge weight attached to it, and one that we carry with delight.